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The Superior Light Beer for people who want to work out and still go out. Who value staying fit as much as staying fun.

Because an active life and a social life were made for each other, Michelob ULTRA is made with fewer calories*. In fact, our light lager is 72% fewer calories than leading white wines*, and 45% less than most other premium lagers**.

With 3.5% ABV, a crisp, clean taste, and 73 calories per 330ml it's time to live ULTRA.

*Based on 175ml white wine (average 12.3% ABV, 136kcal) and Michelob ULTRA 355ml (3.5% ABV, 79kcal). Comparison calculated on 27 top-selling white wines, average 78kcal/100ml, 64kcal/unit of alcohol. Michelob ULTRA 22kcal/100ml, 63kcal/unit of alcohol. Source: Nielsen 52 w/e 08/09/18. See michelobultra.co.uk/findoutmore

** Based on Michelob ULTRA 355ml, 3.5% ABV, 79kcal (22kcal/100ml, 63kcal/unit of alcohol). Comparison calculated on 15 top-selling premium beers, average 41kcal/100ml, 84kcal/unit of alcohol. Source: Nielsen volume YTD 10/10/18 total off trade. See michelobultra.co.uk/findoutmore

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